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Cats Looking For A New Home

Felix, DMH - Black and White

Very lovely boy. He enjoys a fuss and does not mind being picked up. Felix should be fine with older kids, but he would have to have a supervised meet with younger children as he is not used to them.

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Dawn, DSH - Tabby and White

Very lovely girl once she gets to know you. She does need to lose weight so her new owner will need to be strict with food.

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Mitzi, Persian Cross

Mitzi is a lovely girl. She enjoys a fuss & groom but she will tell you when she has had enough. Mitzi can be shy at first and keep to herself so will need an understanding owner.

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Pats, Bengi and Milo, DSH Cats, various colours

Pats. Lovely cat. Can be nervous and shy at first but given time, does settle. Will need an experienced older home with someone with time and an understanding of nervous cats. Bengi. Lovely boy. He is nervous at first but once settled he is very sweet. He will need an older experienced home with someone who has time to let him settle in his own time. Milo is a lovely boy but he can be very nervous so will need understanding owners who have time and patience. Experienced home would be better suited to this cat.

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Maui, DSH - White and Black

2 years old

Malli is a lovely and affectionate girl on her terms. She does growl at you when she has had enough so an older experienced understanding home would be needed. Malli is very sweet despite this and she should settle in time.

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Tornado, DSH - Tabby

1 years old

Very sweet boy! He is coming around over time. He enjoys having a fuss with people but does spend a lot of time in his bed. He can be a little shy so an older home would be best.

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Jurell, DSH - Tori and White

1 years old

Lovely girl. She has really come out of her shell. She loves a fuss but will tell you when she has had enough. She will need an older experienced and sensible home.

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Kittens and Adults, Various

If you haven't found the right companion at the centre, please don't hesitate to speak to the reception team as we have a wish list where we can add on your details and try to match you up to your ideal animal! Please contact the reception team on 01162336677 or pop down for a word!

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