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Kennel 15 - Winston, Crossbreed

Approximately 7 months old.

Hello I’m Winston, if you are interested in offering me my forever home, please telephone, visit or email the centre for more details.

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Kennel 18 - Zeb, Greyhound

Approximately 3 years old.

I’m an ex-racer whose bubbly and bouncy personality will win you over. I get so excited and enthusiastic about all sorts of things – toys, people, dogs, playing football, going for walks. Life is great! I could go to a first-time owner as long as they are active and fun. I’m house trained, but weekly classes will help with my commands and recall. I could live with children of 8+ years but no cats or small animals as I won’t be able to resist chasing them (for this reason I must stay on the lead in public too). I’m brilliant with other dogs so could live with a calm, friendly companion of similar size. I would like a fairly large garden with a 6ft fence so I can safely let off steam. That’s not much to ask in return for the company of this lively lad.

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Kennel 19 - Lottie, Bull Mastiff

Approximately 8 years old.

I’m a gentle giant with so much love to give. I deserve the chance to conquer my nerves as I’m very wary of new people, dogs and situations. Noises in the home or even outdoors can make me scared and I might try to hide behind you. At heart I think I’m a smaller dog and I’ll sit on your lap, but please don’t encourage me because I bond so quickly and can get clingy. I want an experienced owner and an active and patient household. My new home could have children of 16+ but no other pets. Weekly classes will help my commands and socialisation. Please help me work on my issues as I have the potential to blossom into a confident lady who can stand on her own four paws.

Sponsored by: Ruby, Ted and Benji Fall

Kennel 20 - Juno, Akita

Approximately 9 months old.

Hello I’m Juno, if you are interested in offering me my forever home, please telephone, visit or email the centre for more details.

Sponsored by: In memory of Foggy Gibson

Kennel 21 - Roxy, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Approximately 6 months old.

Give this boisterous girl a second chance. I'm an energetic and excitable lady whose manners are usually nowhere to be seen, but the right owner could change me for the better. I can go home with an experienced, active and mature family, possibly with children of 15 or over, but no other pets. I'll need training classes and strict boundaries to teach me that I don't rule the roost. I behave myself when walking with placid dogs but it doesn't take much to bring out my feisty attitude, so I should stay on the lead in public. Find a place in your heart for this bossy babe.

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Kennel 22 - Tye, Crossbreed

Approximately 2 years old.

I’ve been so lonely in my previous home - left on my own all day. I’m friendly with people and although I can be timid, my confidence is building. I can say hello to other dogs but don’t really relate to them properly yet, and I’m also unsure how to play with my toys. I’ve been missing out on so much companionship and fun and that’s why I need a home that will give me the attention I crave. I want an active and experienced household, possibly with children of 12+ but no other pets, plus weekly classes for my basic training, recall, and to help me bond with you. I can’t be let off the lead until my recall is perfect. I’m a big boy so I want a garden with a 6ft fence. Most of all, I want your time and your love.

Sponsored by: Maud Barratt - In memory of Velta Marshall

Kennel 23 - Ronnie, Crossbreed Large

Approximately 5 years old.

Can you help me forget my miserable past? I won’t go into details, but despite everything I’m still a sweet-natured girl who would make an excellent pet. I love to play and retrieve my toys, and like being groomed too. I enjoy my walks and meeting new humans, though sometimes I’m wary when meeting dogs. I don’t like loud noises and some other things scare me - but I just try to avoid things that makes me nervous. My new owner should be experienced with large, strong dogs and give me training classes to build on what I already know. I could live with children of 13+, cats (if used to dogs), securely-kept smalls and possibly another calm dog of similar size. My forever family will make me truly happy at last.

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Kennel 25 - Logan, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Approximately 4 years old.

How can you resist this handsome and friendly chap? I love playing with my toys – especially balls – so I hope you’re active and willing to play. I might seem boisterous but underneath I’m not very confident and unfamiliar situations and loud noises make me nervous. Strict house rules and weekly classes will improve my manners and commands (some tasty treats will help!). I’ll also learn to be less wary of other dogs and have the chance for you and me to bond. I could live with children of 13+ if used to large dogs, but no other animals. Experience of my breed would be ideal, but patience and kindness are essential. I have loads of potential and look forward to a happy and confident future as your only pet.

Sponsored by: In loving memory of Alec Roberts (Dad)

Kennel 26 - Tye, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Approximately 5 years old.

I’m a handsome boy who’s certainly not just a pretty face. I’m loving, friendly and know a good range of commands. I want an active and experienced family who can give me a little extra training and socialisation. I could live with children of 13+ but maybe younger ones (10+) if we all meet up first and they don’t find me too boisterous. Living with another dog might be alright - preferably a female as I can be quite dominant with larger males. No cats or small animals please. My toys mean a lot to me and I love to play, so I’m looking forward to having happy times together.

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Kennel 27 - Diesel, Rottweiler Crossbreed

Approximately 5 years old.

I’m a big, handsome chap who loves his walks and company. I want a very active home with an experienced owner who won’t leave me alone for more than 3 or 4 hours. Despite my size I can be scared of new surroundings and sounds, and I have a little separation anxiety sometimes. My new owner should give me reassurance and be prepared to help me with these issues, but I’m sure that training classes will also help build my confidence as well as teach me more commands. I can live with children of 10+ (if used to large dogs), and other canine companions as long as they are calm, but no cats please. I would like a garden with a 6ft fence if that’s OK. I think I’m worth it! Please give me a loving and happy home.

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Kennel 29 - Lucy, Crossbreed Large

Approximately 4 years old.

This live wire wants a loving home. I’m a sweet and friendly girl who loves to run around and play until she tires herself out. A large garden with a 6ft fence would be great. I’m looking for an experienced owner and an active household. I could share my home with children of 13+ if used to dogs, but no other pets as they wouldn’t cope with my enthusiasm or strength. I’m quite reactive to other dogs so I must always be kept on the lead in public in case I chase or run off. My basic commands are fairly good but my recall needs some work and I can be easily distracted - weekly classes would help me a lot. Will you give me the chance to have fun with you?

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Kennel 31 - Kevin, Greyhound

Approximately 4 years old.

My racing days are behind me and I’m hoping for a relaxing future, possibly with a first time owner. You’ll see that I’m a friendly boy who loves being around people and other dogs. I could live with children over 5 years if used to larger dogs, and also another dog or bitch. No cats or small animals please – I was trained to chase and it’s true that old habits die hard! For this reason I must also stay on my lead in public – and my recall skills are not great. I’m hoping you will take me to training classes so I can work on my basic commands, as I really don’t want to disappoint you. I’ll need a secure garden with a 6ft fence so I can safely let off steam. Let me enjoy my retirement with you

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Kennel 34 - Bella, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Crossbreed

Approximately 4 years old.

Bring out the best in this friendly girl. I need an experienced and active owner who is firm but kind. I adore human company, but for some reason dogs just wind me up. I enjoy a good walk but if other dogs get too close I'll put them in their place. My recall is already quite good but I shouldn't be let off the lead in public as I like to chase. My new home could include children over 13 as long as they are used to dogs, and strict training and house rules will help me to settle well into my new routine. I want to be your only pet and bond with you for life.

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Kennel 36 - Oscar, Crossbreed

Approximately 4 years old.

I’m a great lad, a little on the chubby side, but a healthy diet and lots of lovely walks should help me slim down. I sometimes run off with my toys so that should also keep me toned and trim. I have many good points, but getting along with other dogs is not one of them - they really wind me up, so I should never be let off the lead in public. I much prefer people to dogs, so I want an experienced and very active owner who can cope with my strength and enthusiasm. Please also take me to weekly classes to learn my commands. I could live with children of 16+ but no other pets. I should mention that I have a condition that causes my kneecaps to move out of position (it’s not that uncommon in dogs). Having said that, I’ll need a garden with a 6ft fence - I won’t let something like dodgy knees hold me back.

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