Dogs Looking For A New Home

Maggie (845h), Weimaraner

Approximately 1 year old.

Good-looking, energetic young lady seeks very special person to turn her life around. If you’re experienced of my breed (or similar) then I hope you’ll understand. I’ve been told I’m ‘difficult’ and that’s not what any dog wants to hear, but I admit there are things I need to improve. I can be quite reactive and vocal in situations I find uncomfortable, such as meeting new people (especially men) and also other dogs, and sometimes with vehicles and so on. But once I’m familiar with you I feel more at ease. I need a very active human with experience of training dogs like me, and the time and patience to reveal my inner potential. I’m playful and work well for food, so maybe you could help me become more sociable and focused through ‘positive reinforcement techniques’ (I hope that means food!!). Weekly classes might be nice. Don’t let me off my lead because of my behaviour but instead give me a secure garden to run around and play in safety. A mature family with no other pets would be ideal. Please remember that my past experiences have made me who I am today and that your love will give me a brighter tomorrow.

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Max (663h), Akita

Approximately 2 years old.

This good looking and athletic young man also has a sensitive side. I’m affectionate with people and really good around calm and friendly dogs, but am selective about who I socialise with (aren’t we all?) and can react if another dog doesn’t treat me with respect. I need plenty of exercise and know how to play (a little) but hope you can teach me to have more fun. I want an adult-only home with any children being at least 15 years old, and no other pets, although I might be happy to share with a very placid female of similar size, depending on a meeting. I’m wary about being touched so please take things slowly and gently especially during grooming. Weekly training classes and strict house rules would be great. At the moment I have no recall and chase other dogs so keep me on a suitable lead when we’re out. My energetic nature means I need a very active household and a garden with a high fence so I can safely let off steam. If you have dog experience, preferably of my breed, please take me home so I can begin my wonderful new life.

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Ice (824h), Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Approximately 4 years old.

Despite my name I’m a warm-hearted boy. I was abandoned by my previous owner even though I’d done nothing wrong, and considering what I’ve been though I’m very friendly and playful with other dogs and humans. In fact I can get a little over excited at times - I’m grateful for all the attention. I can be bit snatchy with treats and possessive of my toys but maybe that’s because I’m not used to people being so generous and kind. I want a mature family with any children being 15 or over, possibly 13 years old if experienced and we can meet up first. Small animals may be alright if kept secure, but I can’t live with cats. I have some recall but training classes will improve my skills, and these should also help me socialise with other dogs in a calmer manner. Don’t let me off the lead until my recall is 100% please. An active and experienced owner would be wonderful and I can’t wait to start living the happy life that I desperately need.

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Jess (605), German Shepshed

Approximately 3 years old.

Hi, I'm Jess and I'm a real beauty, but I'm nervous of strangers and unfamiliar situations. I really want to find a forever home with someone who wants to spend time with me. No one has ever taught me how to play games or have fun with toys like I see other dogs doing. I so want to be able to show off and make my owners really proud and pleased with me by obeying their commands, but no one has ever explained what I'm suppose to be doing. It takes me a while to relax and trust people but once I do trust you I love nothing more than a good cuddle. Jess is a lovely girl who needs an owner who is active and has experience with the German Shepherd breed. It is essential that Jess is taken to weekly training classes and has plenty of controlled socialisation with other dogs to help her relax and stop her feeling so wary. Jess needs to be in a mature household with all family members being 15yrs +. If you feel you have the patience and necessary skills plus the time to invest in Jess's training, then please come over to Woodside, she would really love to meet you. She is very deserving of that forever home.

Sponsored by: In memory of Foggy Gibson

Millie (892h), Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Approximately 6 years old.

I can’t wait to meet the person who will love me forever. I’m a friendly lady who really enjoys her walks. I also like to play with my toys and it would be great if you could join in too. I’m quite laid back and could live with children of 8+ years, depending on a supervised meeting, but otherwise, children of 10+ years will definitely be OK. I don’t know about cats, but securely-kept small animals may be alright. I might appreciate the company of another dog of similar size or smaller than me, if they are calm and respectful. Although I’m generally happy to meet other dogs I can be a little wary sometimes, especially if they don’t seem that sociable. Please take me to weekly classes so I can build on my existing commands and get used to meeting new friends; don’t let me off the lead until my recall is perfect. I could potentially go home with a first-time owner but ideally I’m looking for a human with some dog experience. I’m looking forward to being your faithful companion

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Millie (925H), Jack Russell Terrier

Approximately 14 years old.

Hello, i'm Millie, I have come in with my brother Jack, we have been together all of our lives, if you have a place in your home for the both of us, please telephone, visit or email the Centre for more details.

Sponsored by: Mr Jeff Davies

Jack (926h), Small Crossbreed

Approximately 14 years old.

Hello, i'm Jack, I have lived all my life with my sister Millie, if you have space for both of us in your heart and home, please telephone, email or visit the centre for further details.

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Lenox (591h), Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Approximately 7 years old.

Lenox is an adult dog and full of fun. He's a friendly boy who really loves to play. He can be quite boisterous with his toys and is sometimes very reluctant to hand them over. Lenox would certainly benefit from further training. He understands basic commands but weekly training and dog socialisation classes are recommended. Lenox can be dominant, so we need to find him his forever home with a mature family with any children in the household being 15 yrs+. An owner who has plenty of experience with bull breeds is essential for Lenox. He could possibly live with another dog, he has met and walked nicely with other resident dogs, but this will depend entirely on successful meets taking place. Lenox is a very loving dog and fun to be with. If you have the required experience with bull breeds, and are seeking a new companion to share your home, then why not come over to Woodside and meet up with Lenox.

Sponsored by: In loving memory of Alec Roberts (Dad)

Freeda (621h), Husky

Approximately 6 years old.

Freeda is a stunning girl, friendly and quite vocal. She loves to "talk", typical of the Husky breed. Freeda does understand and responds to most basic commands but time spent at weekly training and dog socialisation classes would benefit her greatly. She enjoys chasing toys that have been thrown for her but hasn't quite got the hang of bringing them back!!, a game Freeda and her new owner could possibly work on together. (she does work hard for food treats) She also enjoys being groomed and her coat being cared for. Freeda needs an active family home with an owner who has experience with the Husky breed and a good understanding of their needs. Any children in the household must be 10yrs + and be used to larger breed dogs. Freeda really is gorgeous and deserves to be part of a loving home.If that could be your home, please come to Woodside and say "hello" to her.

Sponsored by: Ruby, Ted and Benji Fall

Bobby (923h), Medium Crossbreed

Approximately 8 years old.

Hello, I'm Bobby. If you're interested in offering me a forever home please telephone, visit or email the Centre for more details.

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Miss Marple (812h), Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Approximately 8 years old.

You don’t have to be a detective to work out that I deserve a new home. Let me start with all my good points. I’m a lovely, friendly girl who enjoys playing, going for walks and having fun. Tug-of-war is one of my favourite games so I do hope you will join in. I’m very tolerant and calm with other dogs but will tell them off if necessary. I could possibly live with experienced and calm children of 5+ years and maybe even another dog. Small animals might be OK if kept securely, but definitely no cats please. Now, I have to tell you that I hate to be enclosed or left alone for too long – that just makes me really anxious – so an owner who is home for most of the day would be ideal. If you’re active and can offer me a relatively peaceful home for my retirement years then that would be even better. Despite my age, some training classes would be useful too. Do you think you could make an older lady very happy? If so, then investigate no further. Case closed!

Sponsored by: Maud Barratt - In memory of Velta Marshall

Chaz (822H, Medium Crossbreed

Approximately 8 months old.

Choose charming Chaz. I’m told that with the right training and an active and experienced owner I have great potential. When I first arrived at Woodside I was very nervous but now my confidence is growing daily. I’m naturally friendly and playful with other dogs but a little wary too, as I’m not always sure how to react. I know how to play with my toys and will retrieve them if I feel like it. My new home could include experienced children of 13+ years, securely-kept smalls and possibly another dog, but they would have to be able to cope with me being sometimes OTT and sometimes wary – depending on what mood I’m in! Weekly classes will help me socialise and learn my commands. I have no recall so don’t let me off the lead until it’s perfect. I will require training and strict house rules and also a Gencon collar. An indoor crate may help me calm down as well. All these things will help me develop into a super dog, and I’m definitely worth the effort.

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Loki (842h), Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Approximately 1 year old.

Nobody’s perfect! I’m only young and you might find me a quite excitable, but I’m sure some TLC from a loving person will help me calm down. I haven’t yet learned some of the things that are expected of me and I need to work on my manners. I’m very inquisitive; thrive on attention and when we’re out on our walks you might find I’m a little distracted by other dogs, although I’m not that bothered about playing with them. I do have some recall but also have an understandable urge to chase things, so don’t let me off the lead in public. I could live with children of 13 or over and possibly another dog, but no cats or small animals. Weekly classes and strict house rules would be welcome. So, if you’re an active person who has the time and patience to show me the right way of doing things, I will try my best to be your perfect pet.

Sponsored by: Mr Simon Turner

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