Family To-Do List in Lockdown

Staying inside for long periods of time isn’t something that comes naturally, especially those who enjoy spending lots of time outdoors. That’s why we’ve put together this list of activities that not only can be done from the comfort of your own home but will also help protect our pets and wildlife.

Pets: Try these safely and sensibly with a willing pet. Don’t expect them to play immediately – give them time to investigate.
  1. Make an enhancement for your “small furries” (hamsters, gerbils etc) out of cardboard boxes, toilet roll middles etc. Don’t use glue or sticky tape! Hide a few tasty treats in your new activity centre and watch your pet enjoy itself.
  1. Using a cardboard box make an activity centre for your cat. Cut holes in the sides, attach homemade toys around the box. Stretch an old T-shirt over the box to make a tunnel/hidey-hole and watch your cat explore and enjoy itself.
  2. If you have a safe space in your garden, make a small obstacle course (jumps, tunnels etc) using items easily to hand that won’t hurt your pet if it falls. Using treats, let your dog or rabbit enjoy this new enhancement and reward them when they do something new.

Click the following links to download activity sheets for ‘A – Z of wildlife that might visit my garden’, ‘A – Z of birds – Can you name a bird for each letter of the alphabet?’ and instructions for making a bird feeder…

A-Z Garden

A-Z Birds

Make Your Own Bird Feeder

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