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We have quite a few shy cats looking for homes who are not enjoying a busy cattery life. You may not see them at first glance when you walk through our cattery. Staff and volunteers spend time every day with our cats to try and find out what they enjoy be it fuss, a fishing rod, treats or even a good groom. Here are a few pictures of our less confident cats and some comments from their daily training plans so you can see what they could be like in a home environment once settled in with someone they can trust.

Elsa ISO1

Elsa is a lovely girl who can just be a bit unsure of people. Elsa is friendly but she does find cattery life very stressful and hides away a lot. To help build her confidence we have been entering her pen calmly and sitting in there until she appears. Once Elsa seems comfortable we have approached her carefully and given her a little fuss. Elsa is responding really well, showing signs that she is enjoying the interaction. Elsa would really flourish in a quiet experienced home.

Bertie ISO2

Bertie is a beautiful boy who finds cattery life very frustrating. Bertie came to us as a stray so he finds being in the restricted space very stressful. We have been working with Berty for a while now to improve his behaviour and help him become more comfortable with human interaction. Bertie is very active so to help entertain him we make sure he has plenty of toys and treat puzzles in his pen. We also use the long handled brush for grooming as he can be unsure and will let you know when he has had enough. He also enjoys being fussed but again its on his own terms. Bertie needs an understanding home where his owners will allow him plenty of freedom and give him time to settle.

Colin C25

Colin is a really handsome fellow who has struggled with cattery life. He gets overlooked most days as he spends most of the day hidden away. Colin has been on a training plan for some time to help reduce his stress levels and build his confidence. As Colin is an older cat adapting to cattery life has been tough on him. When we first started working with him he would hiss and hide away but after a few days he started to allowing head strokes and would come over after a while. Now it still takes a little while but he is starting to really enjoy a good fuss and company. He still spends most of his time on the outside of his pen but has shown a big improvement and would hopefully get more confident in a loving home.

Charlie C16

Charlie is a sweet girl who just needs a bit more of a confidence boost. She has always loved fuss but has a hard time trusting people she doesn’t know. Charlie has only been on a training plan for a few days but she is already making huge improvements. At first Charlie wouldn’t come over to anyone but after socialising with her daily she is making small steps. With the help of volunteers Charlie has really come out of her shell. She still hides away but once you go in to her pen and approach her she will head butt your hand and rub round your legs for fuss. Extracts from Charlie’s training plan describes her as “sweet” and a “huge fusspot”.

Vinnie C11

Vinnie is a lovely boy who has struggled adjusting to cattery life. He has been on a training plan since coming into our care for confidence boosting and also to get him used to interacting with people. At first Vinnie was really disinterested, he would often run and hide when you went into his pen and would sometimes hiss due to feeling scared and unsure. Vinnie has come on leaps and bounds and he now comes straight over to you as soon as you enter his pen. He will take treats from your hand and even enjoy having a good fuss provided its on his own terms. Vinnie loves being outside and stays there most of the day so he often gets overlooked by customers. He really is a lovely handsome sweet boy who deserves his happy ending.

Cole C7

Cole is a lovely boy who has been here quite a while now. He has been on a training plan while he has been with us to help his with his confidence and reduce his stress whilst in our care. Cole is improving everyday and becoming more confidence with human interaction. Cole’s training plan started on 6 May and he was described as “scared” he wouldn’t even allow you to get close. Eventually he would allow staff to fuss him if they had been in the pen a while and approach him slowly. Now Cole loves a fuss and is described as “affectionate”, “friendly” and “sweet”. Cole still has a little way to go but has made huge improvements in a short amount of time and in the right home he will make the best pet.


Braavos came into us as a stray so we don’t know much about this beautiful boy. He has been with us a few weeks now as we have been trying to build his confidence and trust. Braavos is still a little timid but will leave his comfy bed for a dreamie or two and loves a head scratch. He has also started to enjoy regular grooming which is a must for that lovely fluffy coat of his. Of course you can always have too much of a good thing and Braavos will let you know with a little hiss as he moves away.

Our Animal Care Team work hard every day to ensure all of our cats are at their best health, both physically and mentally. The work carried out is expertly planned and catered to each individual animal. We really believe in investing all of our time, effort and knowledge into ensuring all cats are healthy and have the best possible chance of finding their forever home.

Please contact us or visit our Cat page to find out more about each Cat.