Six-year-old black Labrador sisters Babe and Ruby came to Woodside on 27th November. Since they were puppies they had lived in a loving home in Mablethorpe with their owner Mrs. Lomas, who adored the girls. She loved to spoil them and they were often treated to homemade dinners.

Tragically, when Mrs. Lomas passed away in November Babe and Ruby remained loyally by her side for 5 days without food. They only had access to rain water through the dog flap in their back door until they were discovered by Mr. Carey, Mrs. Lomas’ son who lives in Leicester.

Amanda Morris, Customer Service Manager at Woodside said ‘Mr. Carey was understandably very distraught and called to ask whether we could take the dogs. I told him to bring the girls in and promised to find them a home together as they were so inseparable. We even made sure that they shared the same kennel, something that we rarely do.’

Animal Care Staff at the centre said ‘Babe and Ruby are very friendly and absolutely love fuss and attention. They are also very clever, they know their basic commands and respond really well to training. Both girls walk really well on the lead and are friendly with other dogs. Babe and Ruby were in good health when they came to Woodside, and it’s clear that their previous owner loved them and took great care of them.’

Babe and Ruby were extremely popular with our visitors and we are happy to say that they are now reserved and waiting to go to their forever home with new owner Chrissy – together!

Unfortunately, there are many other animals at Woodside still looking for their forever home. Woodside fundraiser Rebecca Lewis said ‘up to 200 animals could be spending their Christmas Day at Woodside instead of in a loving home of their own. Successful rehabilitation and vet care for our animals is enormously expensive and it costs around £19,500 a week just to keep the centre running. We want everyone to have a fantastic Christmas but we ask people to spare a thought for the abandoned and cruelly treated animals of Leicestershire.’

This Christmas Day, fantastic staff and volunteers will be making sure that the furry and feathered residents of Woodside have the happiest stay possible. They will be busy walking and playing with the animals and feeding them their special Christmas dinners.

You can also bring some festive cheer to the animals of Woodside by donating to the Animal Angel Appeal*. Your kind donations will help fill a dog, cat, rabbit or bird’s food bowl this Christmas and may even help buy a feeding toy that will stimulate an animal’s mind.