Woodside is one of the best performing animal rehoming centres in the UK! In the last 6 months alone our dedicated staff and volunteers have helped over 800 animals find loving forever homes. We also have one of the lowest animal return rates in the country!

We love to stay in contact with all of our animals once they’ve left the centre and encourage new owners to update us on their progress in their new homes.

We recently heard from Tasneem, whose family adoped Rayaan the Rosella (previously Peter) and Rizwaan the Indian Ringneck Parakeet (formerly known as Sancho) back in 2014 when they were around 3 years old. Tasneem told us that both birds “were doing very well” and that “they have great personalities and are very friendly”. Indian Ringnecks have the ability to mimic human speech and Tasneem told us that “Rizwaan is only starting to talk but he whistles a lot and Rayaan enjoys mimicking his tunes”.

Rizwaan at home

This month we also heard from Trevor who adopted Lofty, a 7 year old black and white cat at the end of 2016. Trevor told us that Lofty was “very shy at first and hid under the table for the first 2 days in his new home. He ventured out for food only when he was sure that everyone was sound asleep!” He went on to say that Lofty “slowly started to explore his new home and began playing with some of his new toys. After a couple of weeks he was pretty relaxed and would come and demand that we stroke him or play with him! Lofty is now enjoying his freedom and uses the cat-flap regularly. Our son had his 21st in early January and we were concerned that the strangers and noise might trouble him, but Lofty wasn’t bothered at all. He actually had a look in the main party room and even let some of the guests stroke him! We wanted to thank everyone at Woodside for looking after this lovely fellow – he is a firm part of the family and loved by all.”

Lofty at home

If you have adopted an animal from Woodside and want to let us know how they are doing then WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please send info and images to Becky at We’re also keen for short videos of our previous residents enjoying life in their new homes and these can be sent to Becky also.