About the Foster Family

Our Foster Family is made up of  dedicated volunteers who offer love and temporary home to the large number of cats and kittens that come to Woodside every year.

Key Requirements

  • Fosterers need to live within easy travelling distance (maximum of 30-40minutes) of our Animal Centre in Leicestershire and have their own transport.
  • You have a spare room where cats and kittens can enjoy a safe and quiet space
  • If you already have a pet cat it will need to be fully vaccinated.

In summary – Characteristics of a foster carer:

  • Animal lover
  • Patient
  • Understanding and empathetic
  • Dedicated/flexible
  • Willing to learn
  • Extraordinary!

To be a fosterer

you do not necessarily need experience but must be realistic, practical and compassionate. The ability to empathize with an animal’s situation and reactions rather than sympathize allows you to provide the ideal approach to increase their confidence and work with any anxieties.

Support and advice

is on hand or easily accessible at all times throughout your fostering experience here at Woodside we are always developing more and more training, advice and workshops for fosterers and their families.

Woodside Foster

We also use our dedicated foster carers to help us look after the number of pregnant cats  that arrive at our Centres every year. Interested in becoming part of the Woodside foster family?

Support what we do

Although Woodside Animal Centre is proud to be part of the independent RSPCA branch network, we would like to emphasise that we are an independently funded branch that depends on the generosity of donations.

By Supporting us you could help us to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home an animal in Leicestershire today.