Unlike some animal charities we are not selective about the animals we take in

Every single week, around 30 new animals come through our gates, needing our help and support. These animals include dogs, cats, birds, and small furies.

We are always happy to hear from loving homes that are looking for a new addition to their family.

We Provide On-Going Support

Our re-homing process doesn’t just stop after the adoption, the entire team at Woodside are committed to helping new and existing owners get the most from their relationship with their pet . We provide guidance ,practical support, dog training,nutritional advice and we also will shortly be offering a pet grooming service right here at the animal centre.

We also have an in-house education team that regularly hold events where you are always welcome. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you’d like to know more.

It’s A Big Decision!

Adopting a pet is not something to be rushed! It’s important to remember that pet ownership takes time, money, commitment, patience and it’s likely that it will change your life completely.

Unfortunately, some of our animals have not had the best start in life and will need an understanding owner who is prepared to dedicate the time needed. We’re here to help you throughout your adoption, and that starts with making sure you choose the pet that’s right for you and your family!


We're looking for cat fosterers

We are currently receiving more cats than usual, and we're desperately looking for loving homes to provide a temporary home for our cats.

Are you able to help us?