Woodside Quiz – Answers

You can find the super fun printable quiz by clicking this link and downloading the Spring 2020 edition of our INSIDE Newsletter. Woodside Newsletter



  1. Name the most common type of bird on the planet!

Chickens! There are between 19-25 billion chickens on the planet!

  1. Can dogs eat Chocolate?

No, never give chocolate to dogs! Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which is poisonous to dogs.

  1. Can pet rabbits live on their own?

Rabbits are very social animals and should be kept in pairs or groups.

  1. What is the estimated UK dog population?

9 Million.

  1. What is the estimated UK cat population?

8 Million.

  1. How soon after being born will a lamb stand on its own?

Almost immediately

  1. How much living space should you give a pet rabbit?

The distance your rabbit covers in 3-4 hops.

  1. At what age should a cat be neutered?

4 months old. Female cats start to attract the attention of tom cats at 4 months old and having kittens so young can cause major health issues. This also ensures your cat won’t have any unwanted kittens which are likely to be abandoned or end up at a rescue centre.

  1. How many more cats is an unneutered female and her offspring responsible for in just 5 years?


  1. What should you do if you see a baby bird on its own?

Don’t touch it! Unless the baby bird is a nestling (without feathers) or is clearly injured, it should be left alone as parents will be nearby.

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