Engaging the local community is an essential part of the Woodsides work.
From education to fundraising, our in the community team are always busy providing animal care education, dog training classes, recruiting fundraisers and volunteers.

As well as attending some of Leicestershire’s biggest events with our “In the Community Roadshow” we also welcome to opportunity to talk to local rotary and lions clubs or any local body. We also visit schools, colleges , local groups promoting responsible pet ownership through exciting, tactile and interactive activities.

Submit the form below if your interested in speaking with a member of the in the community team, We will also send you our free Woodside in the community brochure.

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Although Woodside Animal Centre is proud to be part of the independent RSPCA branch network, we would like to emphasise that we are an independently funded branch that depends on the generosity of donations from the businesses and people of Leicestershire.

By Supporting us you could help us to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home an animal in Leicestershire today.